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January 11, 2017
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Mobile App’s –Is It Effective way of Brand Marketing ?

A short time prior, I was taking a shot at my tablet at home when abruptly on a site I recognized an advertisement with ‘Flat 50% Off On Watches’ thought of on top of it. I am a huge Fan of Watch’s and I tapped on the promotion (which I never do ordinarily) quickly. On tapping the advertisement, the connection requested my authorization to open in Play Store. My first response was ‘Is this a spam advertisement which would hurt my tablet ?’ as I felt there was no conceivable association between Watches and Play Store, But being to buy new watch in such a discount ,  I allowed the authorization. At that point opens up a little window of Play Store where I was invited by a free 45 MB Application which was in holding up to be downloaded. I immediately downloaded the Application and matched up my Android Tab . The minute I began the Application , I was in wonderment of the way the Application ended up being. Trust me, it was great. The Way in which the entire Mobile Application was designed overwhelmed me. The way is so cool and helpful to promote a brand .

This was absolutely perfectly designed App with all features and having more tab & filters. I was so engaged in this Application that I explore all the watches in a sweet 1 ½ hours. The sole purpose of this application was to promote their Brand with all effective way of showcasing the product as it was targeted to a larger audience. Apps are now an integral part of our daily Routine A late Research demonstrates individuals spending a normal of 30 hours for every month in them. Applications assume a key part in those I-need to-know, I-need to-go, I-need to-do, I-need to-purchase minutes.

App users need a heavy discount or welcome coupon for their first transaction ,  after the conversion .  there are ways to draw app users back to your brand. Like referral scheme , exclusive or bonus content & notification of new features .

Given the number of Apps available in the market & compition making more challenges to stand and gain user-attention. That’s why you app need to stand out both in and out of an app store, In order to make more convenient to use and download .

These discoveries from our exploration can help your brand develop mobile app marketing strategies that will be fruitful in pulling in as well as in keeping a group of people — conveying huge quality to your business.

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